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Talk about a unique event experience with a custom candle bar for your guests.

We offer a fun creative bar for your guest to create their own custom candle by picking a vessel and their own scent combination to enjoy even past the party. Your guests will get to watch the whole process and even get to create a custom scent if they choose. The 8oz candle tins come in 3 colors with custom labels available for the event. The best surprise at an event for your guests. Leave your guests talking even after the music has stopped.


The minimum charge for Natural Wicks Bar at your event includes 50 candles.


Custom candle party favors for the guests at your event.

If you don't want a candle bar but you want candles and matches for your take away/ "thank you" gift at your event, we offer custom tins for your guest. We have a range of tins from 2oz - 8oz tins in a range of colors. We connect with you to pick your own scent for the candles. Your guest will enjoy even past the party. We offer custom labels for the top of your tin and/or gift box.


60 candles.

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